Superchips GM Flashpaq F5 Pro Custom Tuning Vessel


Model Number: 5845

Introducing the all-new Flashpaq F5 Pro! The Flashpaq F5 Pro from Superchips takes our latest and greatest platform product and turns it into a vessel for loading custom tunes to your vehicle. With it’s new, easy-to-use graphic interface, high-resolution color screen, scan features, and ability to load custom tunes from HP Tuners, the Flashpaq F5 Pro is the perfect partner for all HP Tuners custom tuners. Experience the all-new Flashpaq F5 today!

The all-new Flashpaq F5 Pro is the industry leading handheld device to read stock vehicles files and load custom tuned files built through HP Tuners custom tuning software. With this easy to use handheld tool, you can deliver power levels designed specifically for the upgrades you have added to your ride. The user interface has been redesigned with simplicity and functionality in mind. It is now easier than ever to select your custom power level and have instant horsepower gains and drivability improvements!


• Ability to read stock file

• Cloud based consumer downloads directly to Flashpaq Pro

• Cloud based dealer portal

• Offline drag and drop custom tunes

• Dealers can name each tune

• Store up to 4 custom tunes

• Gas and diesel applications supported

• High-definition, 2.8″ color screen

• Redesigned graphic interface for improved user experience

• Increased memory with faster processor for improved tuning & updating speed

• Internet updateable with all-new update software via USB

• Vehicle parameter monitoring capabilities

• Read & clear diagnostic trouble codes

• Compatible with other performance upgrades


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