Diablo Sport Intune I3 Programmer – GM


Model Number: 8200
Diablo Sport

The team at DiabloSport is loaded with performance enthusiasts
addicted to tuning, horsepower, and racing. While we deliver the
best pre-loaded tunes in the business, the Diablo crew knows
and appreciates what is really needed for consumers that want
to take their vehicle to the next level. We understand the need
for specifically tailored power options and features for select hard
part set ups on your car. Enter the inTune i3 Platinum! Whether
you’ve added a cam, headers, a supercharger or more, the i3
Platinum is compatible with the most sophisticated tuning software
on the market today to “dial-in” your ride.
The i3 performance programmer works hand-in-hand with CMR,
allowing you, and the tuning shop of your choice,to tune specifically
for your aftermarket modifications. From there the sky is the
limit: you can add high-performance cams, headers, fuel injectors,
turbo, or a supercharger – all of which hinge on capability found
with the i3 Platinum. You’ve made a significant investment in
premium parts for your vehicle. Now let the DiabloSport
inTune i3 Platinum tie all the ingredients together to make your
ride standout.


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