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RPMSpeed LS1 High Lift “ASA High Boost Cam”


Model Number: WS6-ASAHB
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We have had alot of people buy the High Lift Asa Cam and make great power na, so why not add some boost to the equation and BAM! kick things up a notch, like Emeril. We have specifically redesigned the High Lift ASA Cam with boost friendly overlap, icl, and lsa to make some power from mild to serious depending on your build!! Compared to most other cams in this range, you can expect from 600 to 1000 rwhp from a 4.8 all the way to 6.2 or stroker depending on heads, max boost, and turbo size. This cam will be a little soggy on the bottm end in a smaller cid 4.8 or 5.3 so make sure you have a good gear and higher stall speed converter to get this cam in its sweet spot and GAME ON!! Let it eat and have some fun!

Our High Lift ASA cam uses the same @.050 duration 226/236 and the same lsa at 114. We have tweaked the lobes and added more lift right at .600 with a 1.7 rar.
RPM range will vary based off cubic inch and intake style but you can expect 2800-6600. Pair it with a 3000-3200 stall converter for best results. Works well cruising with ANY rear gear but we recommend at least 3.42 or higher.
Unlike a few ASA clones out there, these lobes are not aggressive and are designed to use a PAC1218 or 1219/X to keep the budget low but have a great performer. Also works well with most dual springs out there with steel or ti retainers.

These lobes are intentionally designed to make the most power under the curve and still stay easy on valve guides and stock rockers.

Our High Lift ASA cam is designed for stock pushrods but you can upgrade below to our 7.400 RPMSpeed chrome moly pushrods as well!

Click HERE for start up and at idle video.


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