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RPMSpeed LS1 High Lift “California Love Cam”


Model Number: WS6HCCL
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Recently, we designed our high lift hot cam and it was a pretty nice success, BUT we also ran into a snag in a few areas of the country. EMISSIONS!!!! So we decided to redesign our cam slightly to help with passing Uncle Sam’s Sniffer and make an emissions compatible High Lift Hot Cam! And since most of the stringent testing is done in Cali, we decided to call it the California Love special. (Insert Tupac’s California Love here)

So now you can purchase this cam KNOWING it will give you great performance AND pass emissions. How do we know? Well we sent one over to Germany recently also, where they have many more laws on cars, emissions, and sound than we do, and he not only passed but made nearly 400hp!! So click ADD TO CART, put this baby in, and cruise on the PCH and have almost more fun than is legal…well emissions legal anyway 🙂

What are the cam Specs?

Glad you asked!! 218/227 .600/.600 114 LSA


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