PRC Stage 1.0 LS6 CNC Ported Heads


Model Number: 199-LS61.0
Precision Race Components

All Precision Race Components (PRC) cylinder heads come fully CNC-ported and machined using state-of-the-art technology.

PRC’s stage 1.0 LS6 Cylinder Heads come standard with the following options:

SEASONED GM 243 or 799 Cores

2.00″/1.55″ Standard GM Valves

Your Choice Of Spring Kit

Completely Assembled & Setup To Your Specs!!

58-64cc Chambers

Flow Data: 3.910″ Flow Plate – No Exhaust Pipe

Lift Intake Flow Exhaust Flow

.200″ 147 cfm 114 cfm

.300″ 207 cfm 148 cfm

.400″ 255 cfm 187 cfm

.500″ 292 cfm 202 cfm

.600″ 313 cfm 220 cfm


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