LS1/LS2/LS6 AFR 215cc Mongoose Strip Heads


Model Number: 1530
Air Flow Research

AFR Mongoose Strip Cylinder Heads, Assembled, 64cc Chambers, 215cc Intake Ports, CNC Ported, Sold as a Pair

Maximize 4 in. bore combinations with AFR 215cc LSX Mongoose Strip cylinder heads. But don’t stop there! Just as the mongoose who dwell on the plains of Africa attack and kill poisonous cobras, these Mongoose cylinder heads from AFR are strong, versatile, and a great match for aggressive applications and large stroker engines where your aim is enhancing your street performance. LSX Mongoose heads are effective in offering serious velocity and still provide significant airflow to generate over 600 hp at the crank! These aluminum heads are 100 percent CNC-ported in their combustion chambers, intake ports, and exhaust ports, and of course, they’re equipped with AFR’s 3/4 in. thick deck and thicker port and combustion surfaces. Get aggressive and attack the “cobra” competition with AFR’s LS1/LS2/LS6 version 215cc LSX Mongoose Strip cylinder heads.

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