Monster Clutch Level 3 Clutch LSX Engine 12″ Package – 2010+ Camaro (700hp/tq)


Model Number: MONCLUTCHLVL3-2
Monster Clutch

Now we’re talking! This thing is the pinnacle of cera-metallic clutches! Want a clutch you can throw 700 hp/tq at without batting an eye? Want a clutch you can feel confident launching a 4,000lbs car at 5,000+ rpm on? Want something that will take a beating at the track and keep begging for more? Look inside.

Here it is, Monster’s most popular clutch they make! They take one of the best pressure plates in the industry and team it up with their 12” 6 puck cera-metallic disc, and squeeze it together on a SFI certified billet steel flywheel. You can be sure that there is no other single disc clutch on the market that drives like theirs, takes a beating, and will keep ticking for many miles to come. The clutch material that they use has one of the best coefficient of frictions on the market, that mixed with the Heavy Duty pressure plate make this clutch almost unstoppable! They rate this thing at 700hp/tq with extreme confidence! Have a car that frequents the track and makes less than 700hp/tq? This is your clutch! Like to launch on slicks at 5,000+ rpm? This is your clutch! Want to do all that and drive home? This is your clutch!

This clutch is rated at 700hp/tq. It will take a beating no matter what road surface you are on. The cera-metallic material has a superior coefficient of friction and will take just about anything you can throw at it. This clutch should be used aggressively, no matter what. The only warning we have for you is this; if you make this kind of power and you have a weak drive train, you will break stuff! This thing finds the weak points and lets you know!

The Basic Package includes the following:

H.D. pressure plate, 12″ cerametallic 6 puck disc, 28lbs SFI certified billet steel flywheel or a 18lbs light weight billet flywheel (your choice), pilot bearing, release bearing, and alignment tool.


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