Monster Clutch Level 6 Clutch LSX Engine 12″ Package – 2010+ Camaro (900hp/tq)


Model Number: MONCLUTCHLVL6-2
Monster Clutch

Blasphemy! That’s what most people say when you tell them you want a single disc clutch that will hold 900hp/tq! Impossible! That’s another term that comes to mind. Well, there are only a few of you guys out there that are crazy enough to push your LS based motor to this point and still be bangin’ gears! So, if we’re talking to you, get in here!

This clutch is a bad ass, plain and simple! We take so much pride in this piece the whole place goes up when we sell ‘em! First, we know someone is serious about their car! Second, we know that there isn’t another manufacturer out there that can put this rating on a single disc clutch and still give it a warranty (let alone still be in business)! Building off of the knowledge and testing on the Level 5, they decide to really test the Extreme pressure plate. First thing they did was package a (would be) Level 6 up and send it to the engineers that have the “clutch dyno”. They figured that the Extreme pressure plate, 12” sintered iron disc and SFI certified billet steel flywheel would do them proud, and they couldn’t have been more right! Sure, you can do the math with the pressure plate ratings on the diaphragm springs, coefficient of friction rating on the friction material, and size of the disc, etc. But what they wanted to know was, can it really hold? Well, after a long wait and some more hard earned cash, the answer is… hell yes! It takes 900hp/tq without hesitation! Monster Clutch installed it in some test cars, still no worries! This is, hands down, the best single disc clutch on the market today! So, if you make that magic 900hp/tq or less, pick one of these beasts up!

This clutch is rated at 900hp/tq. It’ll take as much of your 900hp/tq as you can throw at it. The material on this clutch, mixed with the Extreme pressure plate, will make for one serious street clutch. Don’t fear it, you can drive it daily and it won’t make your left calf muscle bigger than the right one. If for some reason you make this clutch fail, you should have bought the twin or triple disc! Warning: This clutch will find weak points in the drive train, if you have an inadequate drive train there will be failures!

Basic Package includes the following:

  • Extreme pressure plate, 12″ sintered iron 6 puck disc, 28lbs SFI certified billet steel flywheel or a 18lbs Certified Light weight flywheel (your choice), pilot bearing, release bearing, and alignment tool.


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