LS3 Trick Flow Gen-X 255 Cylinder Heads – 69CC Chambers (6-Bolt) Bare Heads


Model Number: TFS-3261B003-C01
Trick Flow Cylinder Heads

Trick Flow engineers combined the best features of factory GM LS3 and LS7 cylinder heads with their own race-winning engineering and technology to create the ultimate square port LS cylinder head for 4.000″ and larger bore engines—the GenX® 255. Trick Flow GenX 255 heads feature fully CNC Competition Ported runners with a premium high resolution surface finish for maximum airflow and performance potential. The valve angles have been changed from 15° to 12° to increase piston-to-valve clearance and allow the use of larger camshafts. The coolant holes through the head deck were redesigned to work with all LS head gasket and engine block combinations. Stock LS3 ports accommodate LS3-style intake manifolds and LS9/LSA blower assemblies. Trick Flow GenX 255 heads are available with standard or 6-bolt per cylinder mounting patterns. The heads are available fully assembled or as bare castings.

Competition ported. With 6-bolt mounting pattern. Will not work with 2010 and later OEM exhaust manifold. Aftermarket headers required. This cylinder head does not include rocker arm rail mounts.

Bare head.

Price is per head.


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