PRC Stage 2.5 5.3L CNC Ported Heads – OUTRIGHT


Model Number: 199-5.32.5
Precision Race Components

All Precision Race Components (PRC) cylinder heads come fully CNC-ported and machined using state-of-the-art technology. The price listed is for us supplying you with 5.3L cylinder head castings. This is an outright purchase with no exchange of castings.

PRC’s stage 2.5 5.3 Cylinder Heads come standard with the following options:

2.02″/1.575″ Stainless Steel Valves

PRC .650″ Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit Complete with Dual
Springs, Titanium Retainers, Seats, & Seals

Completely Assembled and Milled to your Specifications
58-63cc Chambers

All PRC cylinder heads are extensively researched and tested. The flow data below shows the superior performance of the PRC stage 2.5 5.3 cylinder heads!

3.910″ Flow Plate – No Exhaust Pipe

Lift Intake Flow Exhaust Flow

.200″ 147 cfm 111 cfm

.300″ 206 cfm 145 cfm

.400″ 254 cfm 185 cfm

.500″ 291 cfm 204 cfm

.600″ 308 cfm 223 cfm

You also have the option to upgrade to the PRC .675″ Lift EHT Dual Valve Spring Kit. This spring kit is the top of the line and offers almost double the life of other valve spring kits on the market! The following items are included in the EHT dual spring kit:

Dual Valve Springs Rated to .675” Lift

Precision-Machined Titanium Retainers

Hardened Machined Spring Seats

New Viton Valve Seals

With all PRC cylinder heads, quality and performance are our two highest priorities! In addition to performance, you will not find a better performing cylinder head at this price (cost is for the pair!). Call one of our sales consultants today if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your specific application.


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