LS1 Callies CompStar 4340 H-Beam Connecting Rods (6.125″)


Model Number: CSC6125CS2A2AH

Callies CSC6125CS2A2AH SBC LS-1 Compstar H-Beam Connecting Rods 6.125″ Length 2.000″ Pin 595g

Designed and produced with engineering and finishing advancem ents, Com pstar connecting rods have what it takes to make your engine build trouble free and your finished product reliable. Produced from heat treated and stress relieved 4340 material, our H-beam Compstar rods are fully machined with a shot blasted Stress Riser free surface. Finished and sized in our plant in Ohio, every detail of this highly stressed component has been carefully analyzed to maxim ize repeatability and dependability. ARP 2000 bolts are standard. All lengths are stroker clearanced.

Part Number: CSC6125CS2A2AH


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