98-02 LS1 Eagle Connecting Rods


Model Number: CRS6125B3D
Eagle Specialty

98-02 LS1 Eagle Connecting Rods

Eagle Specialty Products “ESP” H-Beam Connecting Rods provide the strength and durability required in various engines at a sportsman rod price. These rods come standard with ARP 7/16″ 8740 Capsrew bolts rated at 180,000-210,000 psi. For the most demanding applications Eagle Specialty Products offers Connecting Rods utilizing the ARP 2000 (215,000-220,000 psi), L19 (230,000-260,000 psi), and Custom Age 625 (260,000) bolts. Suffix on the Part Number indicates bolt used. CA=ARP Custom Age Bolts – 2000=ARP 2000 Bolts – L19=ARP L-19 Bolts

Eagle Specialty Products H-Beam “ESP” Rods, 4340 Steel, SBC 6.125″ length, 665 grams, 2.100″ Crank Pin, .927″ Piston Pin, .940″ b.e. width.

Weight 1 oz


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