LS Series Jet Performance Programmer


Model Number: 15008

JET’s exclusive Tri-Power design tunes based on octane level (regular fuel or midgrade & premium fuel for optimum gains). All modes operate an engine at peak efficiency based on the octane to improve horsepower and mileage. On some models with altered tire size and/or gear ratio, programmers correct the speedometer and shut off the ABS trouble light.

More Jet Performance Shared Features

  • User-friendly programming
  • Increase power and torque with the touch of a button
  • Modify:

    Air/fuel ratio

    Ignition timing

    Shift points and firmness

    Speed and rev limiters

    Electric fan turn-on temperature

  • Read and clear factory diagnostic trouble codes (check engine light)
  • Detailed instructions for trouble-free installation

Additional Gasoline Programmer Feature

  • Built-in scan tool with live data monitoring of:

    Calculated load value

    Engine coolant temperature

    Short & long term fuel trim 1 and 2

    Manifold pressure (MAP)

    Engine RPM

    Vehicle speed

    Spark advance

    Inlet air temperature

    Throttle position

    Oxygen sensor bank 1 and 2

    Mass airflow value

Fits 2010+ Camaro V8, C6 Corvette, 2008-2009 G8, 2006-2009 Trailblazer SS.


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