99-02 LS1 Superchips Flashpaq Programmer


Model Number: 2845

Fits all 1999-2002 Camaro, Firebird and Trans Am LS1 & LS6 (5.7Liter)

Superchips Flashpaq tuners will optimize both engine and transmission calibration throughout the entire powerband. They’re effective from part-throttle through wide-open throttle. Features include:

* Internet updateable

* Built-in diagnostic trouble code definitions

* Built-in help screens

* USB communications

* Custom application upgradeable

* Multiple tuning levels

* Increased user options for more control

* Ergonomically-designed case

* Large, soft key buttons

* Permanently mounted cable

* 300 percent larger screen

* Backlit screen for easy-to-read night use

Weight 1 oz


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