99-02 LS1 Hypertech Hyperpac Performance Computers


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99-02 LS1 Hypertech Hyperpac Performance Computers

The Hypertech Hyperpacs are Hypertech’s performance automotive computers, packed with five distinct programs: Performance Tuning, Drag Strip, Dynamometer, Engine Monitor, and Diagnostics. Simply make a run, and the Hypertech Hyperpacs will automatically record, calculate, and display the performance data on the high-resolution 3 in. x 4 in. touch screen. All of the data that you see on the Hypertech Hyperpac screen is saved automatically, and can be transferred to your PC to compare tests or make color printouts. These units are so easy to operate that no instruction book is really needed. Installation is easy, too–just slip the Hypertech Hyperpac elastic bands over your sun visor, connect the cable to your vehicle’s diagnostic port, press the “power on” button, and choose a program from the main menu. If desired, the Hypertech Hyperpacs can be mounted on the dash with most universal cell phone mounts.

Five unique programs are included:

  • Performance Tuning

    Performance Tuning provides all of the features of Hypertech’s legendary Power Programmer, including the most powerful 50-state, street-legal power tuning available. The Hypertech Hyperpacs allow a complete review of all performance selections on a single screen before reprogramming the vehicle, or to review currently programmed selections.

  • Drag Strip

    A “Christmas Tree” start produces an exact duplication of a drag strip time slip, featuring reaction times, 60 ft., 330 ft., 1/8 mile, 1,000 ft., and quarter-mile speeds and ETs. The Hypertech Hyperpacs also display a magazine-type road test, acceleration times in 10 mph increments, and zero to 10, 20, 30, etc. mph, until you take your foot out of it!

  • Dynamometer

    The Dynamometer calculates horsepower and torque, at both the driving wheels and the engine, with results as accurate, or more, as those provided by expensive engine and chassis dyno testing.

  • Engine Monitor

    The Engine Monitor continuously displays important engine operating conditions like air/fuel ratio, rpm, ignition knock, oil pressure, water temperature, and many more.

  • Diagnostics

    Diagnostics gives the user the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. It also provides an easy-to-understand description, written in plain language, so there is no need for shop manuals or service departments to explain it to you.

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