98-02 LSX FAST 92MM BIG MOUTH Throttle Body


Model Number: 54092

98-02 LSX FAST 92MM BIG MOUTH Throttle Body

The newest FAST™ throttle body, the Big Mouth Throttle Body™ for the LSX™ 92mm Manifold, delivers improved performance with a five percent better airflow than 90mm units and has been totally redesigned to take advantage of the benefits to be had with the new FAST™ LSX™ 92mm Intake Manifold.

The Big Mouth features a beefed up linkage and dual throttle spring mechanism, as well as a smoother operating offset blade pivot for improved throttle response.

The increased thickness throttle blade and shaft resist deflection, and factory TPS and IAC sensors simply bolt up without modification. The Big Mouth Throttle Body™ for LSX™ 92mm Manifolds is great for boosted applications where throttle problems have occurred.

Weight 1 oz


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