98-02 LS1 Nick Williams 102mm Throttle Body


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Nick Williams

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98-02 LS1 Nick William 102mm Cable Driven Throttle Body

You asked for them, we got them! Nick Williams 102mm LS1 throttle bodies are officially in stock! Precision CNC machined for unmatched quality and beauty. This astounding throttle body is a perfect match for your F.A.S.T. intake manifold.


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    Jeff Tomar (verified owner)

    Well let me start by saying its a very nice TB. Every hole and sensor opening matches up perfectly. With that being said I am dissapointed in the way it looks and the price. I 1st purchased a ebay 102 TB for 150.00 shipped. It looked great but the IAC hole was to small for the sensor. Instead of worring about machining out the hole I returned that TB and got this Nick Williams. Before returning the Ebay one I waited till I recieved this one to compare them. On looks only the Ebay one looked to be the 350.00 TB. Everyone I showed it to picked the Ebay one as the more exspensive one. The Ebay TB seemed to be more Polished then the Nick williams. If I had to do it over again I would have gotton that Ebay TB machined and used it instead of dropping another 200.00 on this one.

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