82-92 Fbody Spohn Performance Pro-Drag Adjustable Front Coil Over System w/QA1 Struts


Model Number: 738-Q
Spohn Performance

Spohn Performance’s QA1 adjustable front strut based Pro Drag adjustable front coil over kit for the 1982-1992 GM F-Body Camaro & Firebird sets a new, higher standard of performance and quality. When they designed the coil over system, they had two goals in mind. One was to provide the performance capabilities needed for the toughest race tracks, the second was to provide the strength and durability required for the demands of a daily driven vehicle. They are proud to say that they have accomplished both. If you are looking for the best front coil over suspension system for the third generation F-Body, you just found it.

Once thought of as a race only item, coil-over suspensions are now considered the hot set-up for any highly tuned drag car. The combination of incredible weight transfer with great ride quality is what one expects from a world class drag car. With a Spohn Pro Drag coil-over conversion kit you will have the no-compromise performance you demand without paying a penalty in comfort.

The Pro Drag coil over system uses an extremely long (14″), yet extremely light spring for the most stored spring energy possible, providing tremendous weight transfer and an incredible launch. With the design of this system, it can use this extremely long spring, yet still allow for the availability of over 1″ of ride height lowering.

Warning! All coil-over kits are not created equal. Compare the features of this kit with any other manufacturer’s kit and you’ll quickly see the differences. Careful attention to detail by Spohn’s design team is why the Spohn coil over kit avoids the design pitfalls of others. You can always depend on Spohn Performance to provide you with the best parts for your F-Body!

Other coil over kits on the market use a top spring hat mounted underneath the stock upper strut mount. This places the entire weight of the front of the car on to the stock strut mount and greatly reduces the amount of strut travel. With street driving and vehicle loads, these systems cause the stock strut mounts to distort, bend, and fatigue; and the struts to bottom out due to decreased strut travel, ending in parts failure.

The Spohn Pro Drag front coil over system includes the fabricated spherical upper strut mounts combined with a lower reinforcement plate that totally sandwiches and reinforces the entire strut tower.

Fabricated Steel Spherical Upper Strut Mount Specifications:

  • CNC laser cut 1/4″ steel base plate
  • 4″ DOM steel tubing
  • CNC laser cut 3/16″ steel top hat
  • CNC machined bearing mount tube – TIG welded
  • Chrome moly spherical bearing with a Teflon® self lubricating race
  • Underside of strut mount includes the coil over spring mount
  • Powder coated gloss black for a brilliant and durable finish

Coil Over System Specifications:

  • CNC laser cut 1/4″ steel reinforcement plate fits in the entire recessed area of the underside of the strut tower
  • CNC laser cut 3/16″ strut mount retainer with Grade 10.9 mounting bolts and stainless steel nuts
  • QA1 18 way adjustable front coil over struts – Your choice of Single Adjustable, R Series Rebound Adjustable or Double Adjustable
  • 2.5″ Torrington thrust washers and bearings on the bottom AND the top of the spring, provides for no spring bind and allows for easy on car ride height adjustments (spanner wrenches included).
  • 2.5″ i.d. x 14″ long coil over springs, available in a variety of spring rates

Spring Rate Recommendations:

Small Block/LT1/LSx/V-6: 175#

Big Block: 200#

Fitment Note: Some grinding of the factory spindles is required for installation of the QA1 struts.


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