82-02 Fbody UMI Performance Fabricated Watts Link, Factory Rear End


Model Number: 2080-275
UMI Performance

The UMI Watts Link is designed as a key component to optimize the 3rd and 4th Gen F-car solid axle rear suspension. The combination of lateral locating ability and roll center height adjustment makes a Watts Link the best choice for axle location in handling cars. UMI’s premium P/N 2080 features a unique construction which is laser cut for accuracy and boxed for awesome strength vs weight. The propeller is designed with bulletproof Delrin bushings and a castle nut/cotter pin arrangement to ensure reliability and long service life. The locking design eliminates the need for over-tightening which ensures safety combined with smooth propeller movement. UMI-built aluminum sleeves allow for on-car lateral location adjustment while the bracket system holds the other end securely. The slotted design makes for easy parallelism adjustment and ensures smooth travel throughout the 2.5” adjustment range. Exhaust clearance is a major design consideration in the UMI 2080 and it has increased clearance over competitors designs. This will clear most large single over-the-axle systems as well as many dual pipe systems. The UMI P/N 2080 is built entirely in-house and always of USA materials. Raced with pride on the UMI Performance ’99 Camaro.


2.5” roll center adjustment range (Factory minus 2.5”)

Available for factory axle as well as 3” diameter aftermarket axle.

Sliding propeller mount combined with robust locking system ensures ease of adjustment as well as peace of mind.

Axle clamps remain stationary during adjustment to ensure parallelism.

Boxed construction of Watts Link frame ensures strength, reliability and accuracy during installation.

Total system weight 30 lbs with 10 lbs unsprung weight

Industry leading exhaust clearance. Clears most exhaust systems within 5” clearance diameter (call or email with questions)

Clears factory rear end, 12-Bolt, Hawks 8.8, S60 and many others. May not clear rear ends with back bracing.

Available in black or red powder coat

Race proven




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