2012 Camaro ZL1 GM Performance Fuel Pump


Model Number: 19260557
GM Performance Parts

The high-volume fuel pump module for the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 enables builders to use this factory-engineered component of the highest-performance production Camaro in history when building their own high-performance Camaro. It is a direct replacement for the in-tank fuel pump/ sender assembly of 2010-and-later Camaro SS models and delivers significantly greater volume that is suitable for high-performance applications – including supercharged engines – eliminating the need for an aftermarket, out-of-tank fuel system to support very high horsepower levels.

It can also be adapted to custom aftermarket fuel tanks, for use in high-performance hot rods using a late model-type, electronically controlled fuel injection system. The ZL1 fuel pump module incorporates a twin-pump design and delivers 66 gph (250 liters per hour) at 65 psi (450 kPa). It will support engines producing up to about 600 horsepower – although its performance range with custom and modified engines is determined by factors including the air/fuel ratio, compression ratio and others. The ZL1 pump is pulse-width modulated, directed by a fuel pump controller, for more precise fuel delivery that eliminates the need for a conventional pressure regulator. Components of the kit include the fuel pump/ sender assembly, a fuel pump seal and instruction sheet. The factory fuel pump controller can be used with it on 2010-and-later Camaros.


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