2010+ Camaro SS Lingenfelter Twin Fuel Pump Module Mechanical Regulator


Model Number: L710081410
Lingenfelter Performance

The Lingenfelter Camaro SS Twin Fuel Pump Module for mechanical regulator fuel pressure control is the most complete in tank fuel system available. The Lingenfelter twin pump module fits all 2010-2011 Camaro SS applications and will provide enough fuel for up 700+ horsepower engines.

The Lingenfelter twin pump kit includes all parts required for installation:

  • Two 190 lph at 58 psi/400 kPa fuel pumps in OE type primary fuel pump module
  • Secondary module assembly
  • Secondary module cross over fuel line
  • Internal and external wiring harnesses
  • Return line fitting in the primary module
  • Higher pressure relief valve in the module for reduced pressure bleed off/higher module flow
  • All connectors, fittings and hardware required
  • Complete detailed installation instructions
  • Does not include mechanical external regulator

The electronic pressure control version of the module flows (with jet pump to fill module and jet pump for fuel transfer functioning) 270 lph at 13.5 vdc/58 psi and 335 lph at 14.8 vdc/58 psi.

At 13.5 volts supports 750 to 900 hp depending on engine efficiency (BSFC). At 14.8 volts supports 850 to 1000 hp depending on engine efficiency.

LPE does not recommend voltage boosting past 14.8 volts through the fuel pump controller with the dual pump system or the current draw will be too much for the controller. For higher flow applications LPE recommends converting to a mechanical regulator and using the LPE mechanical regulator version of our twin pump kit.

Note: the fuel pumps supplied with the LPE twin fuel pump kit are designed for use with pulse width modulated control systems like the 2010-2011 Camaro. For durability reasons LPE does not recommend using the TI/Walbro gerotor type GSS pumps or other pumps not designed and tested for use in pulse width modulated applications.

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