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WS6Store LS Series Complete Heads/Cam Swap Package w/Dual Valve Springs


WS6 Store

WS6Store now offers their very own Heads/Cam Swap package!!!

Our Heads/Cam packages includes everything you install a new set of performance heads and camshaft for your LS Series Engine.

Our Cam/Head Swap Packages Include the following:

•Any Camshaft of your Choice, including Custom Grinds

•Brian Tooley Dual Valve Spring Kit – Good for .660″ Lift

•Manley 7.400″ Chromeoly Pushrods – Specify in Notes if you want a different length.

•New Front Cover Gasket

•New Water Pump Gaskets

•New Front Crank Seal

•New Crank Bolt

•New Head Gaskets

•New Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

•New Head Bolts

Optional Upgrades include the following:

– LS2 Timing Chain

– Melling High Volume Oil Pump

– ARP Head Bolts

– LS7 Lifters

– COMP Trunion Upgrade Kit

Please make your selections below.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Specify which Cam and length of Pushrods you want in the Notes of your order.

LS2 Timing Chain?


Melling High Volume Oil Pump?


Head Bolts


LS7 Lifters?


COMP Trunion Upgrade Kit?



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