RPM Transmissions T-56 6 Speed Manual Transmission – Level IV (450 HP)


Model Number: T56LVLIV
RPM Transmissions

All of the LEVEL IV T56 six speed transmissions include:

  • Media blast transmission case
  • Solid synchronizer keys
  • Steel 3-4 shifter fork
  • Hand fit sliders and hubs
  • New Compressed Carbon blocking rings
  • Assembly to our specifications

Optional upgrades include:

  • bronze shifter bushing (n/a for Corvette)
  • bronze fork pads
  • Performance Metal Micropolish
  • cryogenic tempering
  • $call – SFI Bellhousing

Core Charge


Cryogenic Processing by Performance Metal


Bronze Fork Pads?


Performance Metal Micropolish?


Bronze Shifter Bushing?



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