Raptor Performance LED Miniature Shift Light


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Raptor Performance

Shift lights are for alerting the driver when to shift gears. They allow the driver to stay focused on the road or track, without having to look down at the factory tachometer. Under fast acceleration, the last thing you want to do is take your eyes off the road!

Shift lights help to prevent over revving of the engine or hitting the engine’s rev limiter. Most stock tachometers are slow to respond to the engine’s actual speed under full acceleration. The tachometer could be reporting a lower RPM than the engine’s actual RPM (as much as several hundred RPMS!). The Raptor shift light is much faster, and it allows you to shift at the desired actual RPM.


  • Self Contained, no rpm activation modules or “pills”
  • No tach adaptor needed for new “Coil-on-Plug” with multi-spark ignitions!
  • Fast and easy RPM setting with rotary dip switches (x1000 RPM and x100 RPM)
  • 1000-9900 RPM range adjustable in 100 RPM increments (the RPM range can be doubled to a maximum of 19,800 RPM by doubling the cylinder select switches for your vehicle and setting the RPM to 1/2 of the desired RPM activation point).
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 cylinder engines (set by 3 position slide switch)
    5 or 12 volt tach signal operation (ECM or coil)
  • Seven high intensity LEDS available in red, green, yellow or blue
  • Precision microprocessor technology
  • Black, silver, red and blue anodized 6061-T6 aluminum housings available
  • Chrome housings also available
  • 3/4 inch diameter
  • 3.125 inch length
  • 10 ft. cable (black jacket)
  • Simple 3 wire hookup: red=12VDC, black=ground, green=tach lead
  • Shipped with 2 types of mounting brackets

Led intensity:

Blue: 2000 mcd per led, for a total intensity of 14,000 mcd

Ultra Bright Red: 3000 mcd per led, for a total intensity of 21,000 mcd

Yellow: 1200 mcd per led, for a total intensity of 8,400 mcd

Green: 300 mcd per led, for a total intensity of 2,100 mcd

**NOTE** Normal low cost leds typically available at parts stores, are normally in the range of 10-30 mcd.

To the human eye, Ultra Red and Blue seems to be the brightest, followed by yellow, standard red, then green.

The desired RPM shift point can be set at the peak horsepower of your engine, resulting in lower E.T.s at the track

These shift lights fit perfectly into the A-pillar side window defogger ducting. It keeps it out of sight but in-sight when it lights.

Kit comes with 2 mounting brackets, a colored lens cover for night driving (same color as leds), a black lens cover for concealing all light, a ten foot cable and shift light operating instructions.

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Housing Colors

Control Dial Switches

Size Comparison

Color Chart of LEDS

Weight 1 oz
Housing Color

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LED Color

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    todd moriarty (verified owner)

    Excellent quality,easy to install and looks mint in the Fbody defrost vent.Coolest litlle performance gadget.

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