Raptor Performance “Generation II” Dual Mode Precision Mini Digital Launch/Shift Light


Model Number: GenIIRaptor
Raptor Performance

Introducing the new generation II, Dual Mode Digital
Shift Light. Including a programmable shift indicator, a
programmable launch indicator with +/- limits, an
optional switched output wire which activates at your
programmed shift point, 1k to 20K RPM range with
digital tach display. The two button programming
makes it a snap to change any programmed
parameter. Once programmed, the shift light will
retain settings indefinitely. Seven bright LEDs for
launch and shift indication insures you want miss a

With the “dual mode” shift light, you don’t have to
watch the needle on the stock tach to try to hold
the engine rpm at your desired launch rpm.
Instead, program the launch rpm into the shift light
with +/- rpm limits. When the rpm is within those
limits, all seven leds light up. If the rpm is too low,
the leds go out. If the rpm is above the upper limit,
the leds blink, letting you know the rpm is too high.
This can all be seen from your peripheral vision
and you can stay focused on the staging lights at
the track. Once the vehicle is moving, it reverts
back to shift light mode and lights up at or above
the programmed shift rpm. When the vehicle is not
moving, it once again reverts back to launch
mode. With the optional “auxiliary output” wire, you
can activate or de-activate a device at the shift
point. This could be an air shifter for a motorcycle,
an audible alarm, etc.


  • Risc processor for extreme accuracy and

  • RPM display capable of 20K RPM.
  • Simple 2 button programming (no tool

  • Extremely bright LEDs even in direct sunlight.
  • Led colors in red, yellow, green or blue.
  • 3 digit tach display in red.
  • Can adjust sensitivity for weak tach signals.
  • Connect to negative side of ignition coil, or
    tach signal as low as 2 volts peak to peak.

  • Miniature size (Dimensions: 0.75” diameter x
    3.5” length)

  • Housing colors in black, silver, or chrome.
  • Can be set to work with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,
    12 cylinder engines.

  • Optional output that activates (provides a
    ground signal) at or above the programmed
    shift rpm.

  • Reads vehicle speed sensor to determine
    launch or shift mode (can be programmed to
    read clutch switch).
Housing Color

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LED Color

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Auxilliary Output Control



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