Nitrous Outlet Snake designed Intercooler System – 10lb Bottle


Model Number: 00-10300-10
Nitrous Outlet

The Nitrous Outlet intercooler system, increases power by decreasing intake air temperatures allowing you to safely produce more boost.

Fully adjustable. With this system you can fine tune the amount of nitrous discharge to the intercooler.

Design. The aluminum snake like design allows for the best discharge coverage results.

Performance. This system includes a 800 HP rated bottle valve and a 500 HP rated nitrous solenoid which allows this system to freeze the intercooler in a split second.

Kit. All of these intercooler systems include stainless steel quick release bottle brackets, black powder coated bottle with high flow valve and dual accessory ports, nitrous solenoid rated to 500 HP, 20 feet of 4An stainless steel braided main feed line, unique snake design spray bar, tuning jets, relay and harness, electrical wires and hardware pack.

Fit. The standard intercooler snake size offered in this system is 19 x 3.5 inches. However, we also offer custom size intercooler bars (please call.)

Application. This system was designed to fit on all boosted vehicles. For specific vehicle fit information please call.

*Note: Standard N2O or CO2 bottle valves are available.


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