Nitrous Outlet Billet High Flow Valve for 10lb Bottle


Model Number: 00-31012
Nitrous Outlet

Note: This valve does not include a bottle nipple. If you do not have a bottle nipple you will need to purchase one seperatly.

8AN from Siphon Tube to Exit. This billet aluminum bottle valve wa specially desinged for maximum flow for your nitrous system. The valve has an 8 AN orifice from the pick up tube at the bottle of the bottle to the exit port on the bottle allowing it to flow more nitrous than any other traditional seat valve in the industry.

Highest Flowing Traditional Seat Style Valve in the Industry. The 8 AN orifice from the siphon tube to the exit port is the largest orifice size for any traditional seat style valve in the industry making this valve capable of flowing more than any other valve of the same style.

Billet Aluminum. Each Nitrous Outlet billet bottle valve is CNC machined from a single piece of aluminum and anodized black with laser etched port labels and Nitrous Outlet logo.

Billet Hand wheel. This valve has a CNC machined billet hand wheel with rounded edges so opening and closing the valve is easy and comfortable.


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