LS3/LS7/LS9 Fuel Injector Connection 95lb/hr Fuel Injectors


Model Number: fic90ls3
Fuel Injector Connection

Only available here, this is the exact size injector that came with the LS3 LS7 LS9 only these are 95lb/hr at 3 bar or 103lb/hr at 4 bar. (58 psi fuel pressure)

Each injector set is 100% matched. They have OUR MACHINE SS SINGLE TIP discharge plate for the best atomization possible, The deadtimes are provided with the set as well as the proper orings for a drop in installation.

These are Bosch injectors and are brand new
These are modified from the 2009 ZR1 stock injector

These will flow 103lb at 58 PSI but can handle pressure to 120psi making these flow much higher


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