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LS1 Rockers with RPM Speed LSX Rocker Arm Trunion Upgrade Installed


Model Number: RPM/Trunion
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The need for a heavy duty good quality rocker trunion upgrade is apparent. Higher mileage and more aggressive lobes and spring pressures overpower the stock rocker trunion and can make the retainer caps break free and scatter the oe needle bearings into the engines oil system and cause catastrophic failure of valvetrain parts.
Our 5120 through and through heat treated micropolished hd rocker trunion with hd locking rings and needle bearings provide the strength, durability, and longevity to get the job done. With a smoother surface finish and harder contact surface than most of the competitors, there is no need to worry about surface finish failure. These measurements and metallurgical results have been verified by an outside lab as well.

These are brand new rocker arms with trunions already installed. This eliminates any rocker tip imperfections or worn in patterns from used rockers and sets the side clearance precisely.

We do not offer the trunion upgrade by itself.

The kit comes with 16 rockers, allen head grade 12 rocker bolts, and a packet of assembly lube with zddp break in additive.

Fits any 4.8,5.3,5.7 head. This includes 806, 853, 862, 241, 706, 243, 799, 317, 035 castings. Basically any cathedral port head. Will fit most aftermarket cathedral castings, please ask if you are unsure.

These are not made nor are associated with the Comp Cams retrofit trunion upgrade kits nor are they made of the same material.

We do also recommend break in oil (not just additive) to be used when swapping these rocker arms. Along with the break in lube, it will help both surfaces to break in properly and have a very long service life!! If you need a break in oil change parts list, we can ship with (extra) or give you recommendations as well!

Not recommended for any solid roller setup.

Rect port sets avail soon as well!!

Weight 1 oz


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