LS1/LS2 Pro Series Yella Terra Adj. Roller Rockers 1.7


Model Number: YT6683
Yella Terra

Fits Chevy LS1 LS2 Factory and Aftermarket Head, 1.7 Ratio, Adjustable, 8mm Cap Screw, Set of 16 Rocker Arms, Max Spring Pressure 600 lbs, Max Spring Diameter 1.550″

Yella Terra Roller Rockers have proven to be so reliable and durable since 1983, with the ultimate in design and proven by official Holden racing teams such as NASCAR AUSCAR and Commodore cup to give more power and reliability than other products.

The strongest aluminum rocker arms in the world with deflection and bend tests proving their aircraft grade extruded aluminium arms superior to rival aluminum and stainless steel arms. They are the ultimate rocker arm for use in high revving street engines and most race applications.

Premium quality Yella Terra extruded aluminum roller rockers have never let a competitor down at our high speed proving grounds (Calder Park Thunderdome), where Holden and Ford Auscars required to run our roller rockers having battled in racing at an average speed of over 200km for an estimated 100,000 laps. The rockers ran for over 170,000 km at between 5000-6500 rpm


Weight 1 oz


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