LS1 GM 4L60E ACC Perf. Night Stalker 2200-2800 Torque Converter


Model Number: 49452
ACC Performance

ACC Performance Boss Hog Torque Converters are known for their durability performance.

They have the following feature:

Hardened Hub: This is a hardened hub for durability and a clean fit with your transmission seal. They set very strict tolerances with the run-out on torque converters. This measurement is taken from the hub in conjunction with the pilot. All of ACC’s torque converters are set at + or – 0.005 to 0.03. This will give you better overall performance and a longer lasting torque converter.

The Impeller is also known as the pump. This is the side of the converter that goes toward the transmission. They weld the fins in to draw the metal. This also makes the fins much stronger than other methods. Also bend some of the fins to control the fluid in order to reach a desired stall. The impeller works using the spinning force from the engine and the fins to pump the fluid. The impellers use the fins in order to direct the fluid to reach a certain pressure to drive the transmission.

ACC uses many different pitched fined stators in order to reach the many different stalls they offer. Rarely cut the stator because of the slippage that can be created. The sprag and race are hardened to give long life and fight heat as well. ACC’s stators are built to handle very high horse-powered engines. By obtaining the stall using this method, it allows the torque converters to put more of your engines power to the ground. It also makes parts create less heat, making them more efficient.

Welded Turbines: ACC’s turbines are tightened and then welded just as their impeller is. This makes the fins in the turbine tighten up in order to take a lot of abuse. Turbines also feature a hardened spline. These features allow the parts to take more abuse and gain durability. They build the parts to last under extreme duress.

Fiber Washer Placement: Every where possible, ACC is trying to take out the weak spots in all of the converters. In some of the converters they have replaced the fiber washers/spacers with an Aircraft Quality Aluminum spacer that can handle well beyond the rest of the converter.

Over sized Bearings: ACC has gotten rid of all of the waffle bearings and have replaced them with high quality and high strength bearings. In their high stall converters, they use a heavy duty bearing that comes out of a stamping press. This means it can take the shocking, extreme abuse that is demanded by serious, high horsepower engines.

High Tech Welds: ACC’s welds are a military style of positive charged weld. They MIG weld all of their converters with a fusion type. This means a hot weld that sprays the wire to the metal with such a high temp that it actually makes the weld stronger than the other ones. ACC does not cut any corners with their welds on their converters.

*These fit 98-02 LS1 Fbodys

Weight 1 oz

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    juan rivera (verified owner)

    purchased this torque converter and installed it and it came out defective in my opinion bad stall dont purchase.

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