LS Series Brian Tooley Platinum Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers (.660″ Lift)


Model Number: SK001
Brian Tooley Racing

Brian Tooley Racing LS Series Extreme Dual Valve Springs with titanium retainers.

A lot of springs have too much open pressure for stock rocker arms, like the Comp 26926-16 springs and kits. These springs offer less open pressure which results in less stress on the valve tips.

The retainer/lock combination weighs in at 11.0 grams this is almost 40% lighter than the competitors retainer/lock combo’s.

The machined locks included in this kit allows valve rotation. Valve rotation is important when using stock rocker arms, much lift how flat tappet lifters have to spin in their bore, if they stop rotating, they’ll kill themselves quickly.

High quality stock style viton seals, hardened locators.

The specs are:

  • .660″ lift dual spring kit
  • 155 lbs @ 1.780″
  • 380 lbs @ 1.170″
  • 400 lbs @ 1.120″
  • Coil bind @ 1.080″
  • Rate 385 lbs/in


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