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LS Series Active Fuel Management Lifters Kit – Set of 4


Model Number: L2303-4
WS6 Store

Newest design afm lifter for ls engines. SOLD ONLY IN SETS OF 4. Buy qty 2 for all 8 for a complete lifter set for ls engines. Single bank replacement gasket/bolt set or complete lifter replacement set available also. 4 or 8 ls7 lifters available. AFM lifter trays optional.

Single bank Gasket kit includes:

Valve cover gasket

Mls Head gasket (4.8/5.3 or 6.0/6.2 specify below)

Mls exhaust manifold gasket

Stock torque to yield head bolt set

Complete set includes qnty x2 of listed gaskets/bolts

If you want a different head gasket (ls9 etc) please call sales.


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