GM LS3/LS7/L76/L92/L99 FAST Precision Flow Fuel Injectors (50 lb/hr)


Model Number: 30507-8

The FAST™ Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors for GM Gen IV engines are the highest flowing injectors available and are uniquely designed for direct installation into LS2 and LS7/L76/L92-style engines. Available in two different height configurations and a wide range of flow rates, the new Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors are correctly sized (shorter than the
common LS1/LS6 injectors) and feature the right EV6/UScar connector, enabling hassle-free plug-in operation. In addition, the high-impedance, high-flow FAST™ injectors meet/exceed all factory durability standards and quality tolerances.

  • Feature highest flow rate of any injector for ’05-’08 GM LS2/LS7/L76/L92 engines; available in singles, -4, -6, -8
  • A simple drop-in installation available in flow rates up to 57 lb/hr (LS2–type) & 65 lb/hr (LS7/L76/L92-type)
  • Available in LS2 & LS7/L76/L92 “shorty” configurations; both styles feature proper OEM EV6/UScar connectors
  • These high-impedance Precision-Flow™ Injectors meet/exceed all factory durability standards & tolerances


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