Gen III/Gen IV LS SDPC “LS9 Power Max* Camshaft


Model Number: SDR38427

The new RaceShop designed LS9 Power Max camshaft is designed as a step above the factory LS9 camshaft to provide significantly more power while maintaining street manners for everyday driving. The increased duration will provide a slightly noticeable idle sound while the increased lift will take full advantage of the increased airflow from your supercharger. Power you can count on from the RaceShop Team!

This camshaft uses a 3 bolt timing gear and fits LS Gen III & LS Gen IV engines and is not for use with DOD/AFM or VVT applications.

This camshaft will require a valve spring upgrade. We recommend the PAC 1218 Drop-In Beehive Spring Kit

Dur. @ 0.050” Lift (1.7 Rocker)

Intake Exhaust Intake Exhaust LSA

205 210 0.550” 0.525” 115


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