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Comp Cams Single Beehive Valve Springs 918


Model Number: 26918-16
Comp Cams

“The industry’s best selling Beehive™ Valve Spring has now been totally redesigned for significantly improved performance and durability. Realizing that today’s most aggressive late model engines (especially GM Gen III/LS engines) have evolved beyond the limitations of the original #26918 design, the COMP Cams® engineering team has developed the next generation #26918 Beehive™ Valve Spring.

Featuring many of the same manufacturing processes as our exotic NASCAR restrictor plate and Daytona Prototype Beehive™ Valve Springs, the new #26918 offers an extended .625″ lift capability and added spring pressure to control today’s aggressive camshaft designs. These new valve springs remain dimensionally identical to the previous design and are easy to spot as a result of an advanced micro-peening process that eliminates material stress, leaving behind a unique silver satin finish. Furthermore, we continue to refine our exclusive Super Clean™ process to ensure that only the finest wire material from premiere steel mills around the world is used in the manufacture of COMP Cams® Valve Springs – nobody goes to greater lengths to ensure the integrity of their valve springs. From daily driver to hardcore street/strip vehicles, you now have more reasons than ever before to make the #26918 Beehive™ Valve Springs your valve spring of choice.

  • Extended .625” max lift, 125 lbs seat pressure at 1.800” installed height for aggressive cam designs
  • Incorporates 10+ years of Beehive™ Valve Spring development and refined manufacturing processes
  • Designed with GM Gen III/LS engines in mind – for use with hydraulic and solid roller camshafts
  • Features manufacturing processes found in exotic race springs, providing a unique silver satin finish”

Seat Load: 125 lbs @ 1.800″ Open Load: 367 lbs @ 1.100″ Coil Bind:1.100″

Sold as a complete set.

Weight 1 oz


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