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Model Number: 102130
Casper Electronics

Factory alternators are designed to put out a specific voltage, generally 13.8 volts. The only problem is when there’s a greater demand on the electrical system, such as a WOT blast, the alternator falls a little short. The V-Plus is designed to overcome voltage taper at WOT by stepping up the alternator voltage 2.2v. at 70% throttle. Result? More power to your fuel pump and ignition system. Unit plugs in, with no wires to cut or tap into. Includes hardware.

NOTE: Your engine must have a ROUND TPS connector as seen in the illustration in the installation instructions, AND the late style Alternator Connector – 1998-2002.

Weight 1 oz

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    Micah Dodd

    The ground cable isn’t long enough, so you have to pull it out of the wire loom. It’s also a pain to install even though it looks to be a simple install.

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