ARP Teflon Thread Sealer, 1.69 FL OZ


Model Number: 100-9904

ARP Teflon Thread Sealer, 1.69 FL OZ

It?s difficult to determine the amount of torque required to provide the correct preload and clamp force of a given fastener. For example? when tightened, dry uncoated fasteners use up about 95% of the applied torque simply by overcoming the friction between the male and female threads. To ensure that all ARP? fasteners provide the optimum level of service, the installed residual stress is calculated and verified experimentally using a superior quality lubricant. It is important to note that the friction coefficients of lubricants vary dramatically, making it difficult to consistently produce the exact amount of stress within the fastener to clamp the components together. That?s why ARP? developed an ultra-consistent lubricant and recommend the use of our premium grade ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT or THREAD SEALER in order to precisely duplicate the recommended tightening specifications provided with all ARP? fasteners.

Thread Sealer

  • Teflon based w/rust & corrosion inhibitors.
  • Effective range: -30? to 550?F.
  • Sealant range: 10,000 psi (pressure).
  • Application: delivers a flexible leak-proof seal in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and plastic against coolants, water, gasoline, natural gas and LPG.
  • Designed for use with bolts.
Weight 1 oz


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