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99-02 LS1 F-Body Complete Fuel Pump Assembly W/RACETRONIX 255LPH Pump Installed (up to 600HP)


Model Number: 1999-02Module255
RPM Speed

Brand New RPM Speed Complete fuel pump assembly for 1999-2002 Camaro Firebird LS1 ONLY. This module has the Racetronix 255 LPH fuel pump pre-installed! This is a direct drop in replacement of your factory pump.

Includes the following:

* Module

* Racetronix 255 LPH Pump

* Level sender and float arm

* Regulator

* Filter socks

* Tank gasket


“Direct drop in unit for 99-02 models only with plastic tank. Brand new OE units configured with 255/340/Hellcat pumps and HD Bulkhead. Hotwire kit exclusive to this design. Cannot be sold separately. Uses factory direct feed fuel filter on module. 255 and 340 modules can use the stock fuel pressure regulator on these units only. 255/340 units can be modified for external fuel pressure regulator also upon request. Hellcat has to have the c5 filter kit or external adjustable or racetronix complete fuel line kit. Flex fuel/e85 compatible. Comes with new pressure sensor, level sensor, float arm, and o ring. We STRONGLY recommend adding the hotwire kit to this setup, it will make it perform better, and last longer.

340 fuel pump kits for use with original equipment/modules already in vehicle do require c5 filter kit or adjustable external fuel pressure regulator or Racetronix complete fuel line kit. The in tank regulator is of a different design”

Weight 1 oz
Hotwire Kit



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