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98-02 LS1 RPM Speed 140 AMP Alternator


Model Number: RPMLS1140ALT
RPM Speed

98-02 LS1 F-Body RPM Speed 140 AMP Alternator

– New Lead-Free Brushes are extensively tested to ensure unmatched performance & reliability.

– Premium Quality Bearings prevent internal galling and premature bearing failure.

– Pressure-Fit High Capacity Diodes provide improved heat dissipation and a longer service life

– Precision Polished Slip-Rings ensure maximum electrical contact while preventing possible arcing and voltage spikes.

– Double Insulated Rotors & Stators maintain a more stringent electrical signal, reduces internal shorts, as well as reduced electrical signal degradation that a thinner insulation may cause.

– Manufactured by Delco

– 2 Year Warranty

Weight 1 oz


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