98-02 LS1 Manley Titanium Retainers (For Stock Springs)


Model Number: 23622-16

When you upgrade from steel to titanium valve spring retainers you gain speed and power, because titanium is lighter and stronger than steel. Additionally, Manley Super Lock titanium design gives you confidence; no longer will you be preoccupied with splitting a retainer and tearing up an engine when tuning 10,000 RPM.

Manley titanium retainers are American made fro, the finest 6AL4V alloy for maximum stiffness and minimal warpage. The 6AL4V alloy is heat treated and processed to a stringest tolerance, it has to be since it is used on the US Air Force F-117 Stealth Fighter. Other manufacturers purchase titanium from metals brokers and produce “cheap” retainers, but Manley titanium retainers will not deform. From a standing idle to the most extreme RPM, these retainers perform flawlessly, without compromise.

Use these retainers with the stock LS1 springs.

Specs are as follows:

Lock Angle: 7 degrees

Valve Spring Diameter: 1.250″

Sold as a complete set.

Weight 1 oz


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