98-02 LS1 Baer Eradispeed Plus (2 Piece) Rotors – Front Pair


Model Number: 2301006
Baer Brake Systems

98-02 LS1 F-Body Baer Eradispeed Plus (2 Piece) Rotors – Front Pair

Baer EradiSpeed Plus rotors are a direct OEM replacement rotor, but the ?plus? indicates rotors which are of a two-piece design. The center ?hat?, or ?hub/hat? portion of EradiSpeed Plus rotors are CNC machined from billet or forged aluminum. The centers are then anodized black to finish the ?look? and are bolted to the rotors with National Aerospace Standard (NAS) stainless, reusable fasteners, the same hardware used to affix the rotors to an Indy Car. With their two-piece design, EradiSpeed Plus units also provide a welcome reduction in total rotor weight (Approx. 1.5 Ibs per Rotor)

Weight 1 oz


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