98-02 F-Body Baer SS4 Plus Rear Brake System


Model Number: 4302478S
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This high-performance rear brake kit gives you two-piece lightweight 13-inch rotors, monoblock aluminum 4-piston calipers, and ceramic brake pads for superior braking performance needed during aggressive street driving. Calipers are finished with durable powder coat for protection against grime and and chips while internal construction of aluminum and stainless steel ensures long-lasting performance uncompromised by corrosion. This is an excellent choice for the customer choosing Pro+ or Extreme+ front brake kit that does not need or want the expense of a big brake kit on the rear. Includes rear drum-in-hat style parking brake components and cables.


•SS4+ Rear kit comes with 13-inch rotors that are slotted and drilled for better venting of heat, water, brake dust, and gasses

•SS4+ 13-inch rotors feature a two-piece design with aluminum center that offers the performance benefit of less rotational mass

•Caliper housings feature a durable powder coat finish that is resistant to chips, grime, and brake dust

•SS4+ calipers feature 4 pistons each for excellent braking performance

•Calipers are a 1-piece design forged from a solid block of aluminum

•Calipers come pre-loaded with ceramic brake pads that offer superior heat disbursement, longer life, quieter operation, and lower dust levels

•Rear rotors include rear drum-in-hat style parking brake components and cables

•Calipers are radially mounted to maintain greater stiffness under load – ensuring pads stay in alignment with the rotor and make a more even, superior level of contact

•Calipers feature stainless steel pistons, caliper attachment brackets, and vibration dampening springs to ensure freedom from corrosion deterioration

•Pistons within each caliper are staggered in size to minimize pad taper and uneven pad wear

•Brake pads feature racing grade backing plates that more effectively prevent heat buildup that causes brake fluid boiling as well as damage to caliper seals and dust boots

•Rotors are dipped in zinc to resist corrosion on non-contact areas

• 90 days Warranty against Manufacturer’s defects

•Proudly manufactured in the United States

Baer SS4 Plus brake kits offer virtually all the features and benefits of their Extreme Plus and Pro Plus kits in a smaller 13-inch rotor size. Designed for aggressive street driving, this kit starts with 4-piston rear calipers – an upgrade from the typical two pistons found on most modern vehicles. Baer has tested and refined the SS4+ calipers relentlessly in order to achieve the perfect balance of performance and control. Engineers determined radially mounted calipers maintain greater stiffness under load, and SS4+ ones are built that way to ensure pads stay in proper alignment with the rotor. Perfectly balanced performance means using superior materials to ensure components continue to work as well tomorrow as they do today by staying free from corrosion. Stainless steel is used to craft the caliper pistons, caliper attachment brackets, and vibration dampening springs. Pistons within each caliper are staggered in size to minimize pad taper and uneven pad wear, so you’ll get more usable brake life out of your pads as well. Finally, aluminum caliper housings feature a durable powder coat finish that’s extremely resistant to heat, grime, and rock chips.

Baer matches the high level of caliper performance with ceramic brake pads that come pre-loaded inside each caliper. Used in championship racing where 200 mile-per-hour speeds quickly generate blistering heat, ceramic brake pads offer the natural ability to stay cool under the most severe conditions. When ceramic brake pads are combined with the slotted and perforated design of the rotors, heat buildup is reduced so extensively that brake fade rarely occurs – because brake fluid stays cool enough not to reach boiling temperature. Ceramic brake pads are far quieter due to their higher resonant frequency undetectable by human ears, so squealing is not an issue. And finally, ceramic compounds last longer and produce finer, less obtrusive dust that does not stick to most wheel surfaces. Ceramic brake pads also feature racing-grade backing plates that more effectively prevent heat buildup. You don’t need a high-performance vehicle to enjoy the benefits these brake kits offer, and you might find your new car dealer charging a similar price while giving you less. We invite you to contact our knowledgeable specialists seven days a week for help with any questions you have on Baer brake kits at 800-505-3274.

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