93-97 LT1 Vinyl Decal Intake Fin Decal Overlays


Model Number: 3E07
Vinyl Decals

For the LT1 intake. These are made to fit perfectly on the top of the intake. If you want to spruce up the intake a bit but don’t want to mess with painting or polishing, here you go! I made these special request for a customer so I might as well offer them to everyone since they came out pretty darn good!

**All Decal Orders must be placed Online. No phone call orders please**

This standard vinyl has an exterior life of 7 to 10 YEARS. Standard colors are Black, White, Red, Cardinal Red, Silver, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Hugger Orange, Chrome, and Blue.

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NOTE: All decals are custom made to order and may take longer to receive than other items. While most are sent out within a few days, please allow around 10 days for delivery via USPS 1st Class (no tracking available).


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