93-02 V8 NGK TR55 Spark Plugs (Box of 4)


Model Number: 3951

TR55 Plug – Stock heat range, gapped at .060″.

These V-Power plugs from NGK use a 90 degree V-shaped center electrode that directs the spark to the edge of the electrode. This prevents the spark from being absorbed, or quenched, and allows it to develop faster. That hotter spark means better combustion, which improves performance and creates less harmful emissions. V-Power spark plugs also require lower ignition firing voltage, resulting in quicker starts and easier cold weather starts throughout the life of the plugs.

Sold in boxes of 4 plugs.

NGK TR55 Spark Plugs – .055 Plug Gap

What GAP to use?

Prior to 2005 GM used .055 GAP spark plugs on all LSx motors (this size). Starting in 2005, they switched to .040 GAP plugs to provide a better idle when things like cheap gas are encountered. Either a .060, or .040 GAP plug will work in any LSX motor with the smaller GAP being best for daily driven, mildly modded cars.

Weight 1 oz


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