93-02 UMI Tubular 3-Point Subframe Connectors (Bolt-In)


Model Number: 2004
UMI Performance

Increase chassis stiffness, performance capabilities and overall drivability by adding UMI Performance’s new 3-point style subframe connectors. This set up is designed to tie the front and rear subframes together while adding additional cross-bracing throughout the center of the vehicle protecting it to its fullest while keeping ground clearance issues to a minimum. This spider web affect greatly improves your car’s handling ability while reducing t-top squeaks, dash rattles and quarter panel flexing, designed for auto-cross, road race as well as drag race set-ups. By connecting the front and rear subframes together this allows better weight transfer for improved traction and straighter launches. This subframe connector design is available in either a weld or bolt-in set-up, please see below.

P/N 2004: Bolt-In Set-up- This set-up is a 100% bolt-in and requires no cutting, drilling or welding! No heat shield trimming or fuel line relocating is necessary with this set-up. All installation hardware is Grade 8 hardware and is supplied with each as well as detailed installation instructions. Although this set-up is a Bolt-In kit it can be welded at any time.


  • Tightest fitting 3-point design on the market. This design keeps ground clearance issues at a minimum.
  • Uses rear control arm mount for increased strength and insures proper installation.
  • 3-Point Spider Web design attaches to six major points through out the body for extreme chassis stiffness and handling benefits.
  • Tubular design allows for a tighter fit against the vehicles under carriage.
  • When weight is a concern 4130 Chrome Moly is available. (Please call)
  • Bolt-In design requires no cutting, drilling or welding.

Build Specifications:

  • Constructed of 1.750? x 0.120? DOM Mild Steel Tubing
  • 3-Point Brace uses 1.250? x 0.095? DOM Mild Steel Tubing
  • Front mounting points feature 0.250? Thick Mild Steel Mounting Plates
  • Mounting Plates Feature Precision CNC Machining to insure tolerances
  • MIG Welded Construction
  • Supplied with Brilliant Durable Powder Coat Finish (Red or Black)
  • Will not fit convertibles
Weight 1 oz



2 reviews for 93-02 UMI Tubular 3-Point Subframe Connectors (Bolt-In)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    SPENCER WINSTANLEY (verified owner)

    Bought these in Jan 09, on the car now, should have done these a long time ago. The car does not feel as it used to, these make the car corner like I remember my Prelude(89 2.0S) cornering. The front doesnt seem to lift when the throttle is put to the floor. If you want your f-body to feel stuck to the road like glue buy these sfc’s. If money is an issue, keep saving, you will not be dissappointed.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    Thomas Newcome (verified owner)

    I put these on my 02’ WS.6 and it has made such a difference. The wind noise is gone when traveling at high speeds (135+ gotta love the German autobahns) and I have much better control over the car. I also installed their 35mm & 22mm sway bars. The car has almost no lean and launches straighter.

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