93-02 Pro 5.0 Shifter T56


Model Number: P3000
Pro5.0 Shifters

As we all know, Pro 5.0 has has been one of the top manufacturers in performance shifters for quite some time. With the 2-3 shift mechanism, it makes the 2-3 shift a breeze! Threaded to fit custom shifter knobs or your factory shifter knob.

Weight 1 oz

4 reviews for 93-02 Pro 5.0 Shifter T56

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )

    robert gomez

    smoooooth shifts! definitely recomend this shifter

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )

    Chad Valliere

    Had a B&M shifter and hated it. Bought this with WS6 stores short sitck and I absloutely love it. Crisp shifts and I havent missed the 2nd.-3rd. gear shift since.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )

    Aaron Reiske

    I have a ’01 WS6 and bought it at 104,000mi from original owner, still with paper air filter. Right away I had the tranny beefed up since it was grinding 5th, and while it was out I installed long tube headers,took CATS off, installed off road Y pipe, and hooker muffler,msd plug wires, SLP lid and MAC filter. It ran 13.18 when it was all stock and suprised me, but that was out of 10 runs because I kept missing 3rd with the “world renound” hurst short throw! After the tranny build and exhaust I ran it and it spun bad, and didnt spin at all before, but it hit every gear n was taking a beating, but didnt matter to this shifter, it took it like it knew it was made for it LOL, ended up running 13.06, which sucked, but I slapped ET streets on it and went 12.49, and still I think that shifter is laughing at me! It did its job for sure, this shifter cant be beat!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )

    Steven Ronza (verified owner)

    The threaded section is long enough that it can be cut about an inch shorter so that each shift is even shorter than before. Once you get used to this short shift you can make shifts in about a 10th of a second (depending on the driver).

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