93-02 J&M Products F-Body to C5 & C6 Billet Brake Conversion Brackets


Model Number: 22605
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Formerly known as “Bob Bishop’s Brake Brackets” and now known as F-Body “TrackBrackets”, these brackets adapt the complete Corvette which includs C5, C5 Z06, C6, C6 Z51, or C6 Z06 front brake system to any 1993-2002 GM F-Body. The brackets are CNC machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum in a T6511 temper/post treatment and are then hard anodized. The kit includes the left and right hand adaptor brackets, all necessary non-factory mounting hardware, and complete step by step installation instructions and a list of necessary toolsThe brackets went through destructive testing with an independent laboratory to determine real world strength. The brackets sustained a load of 22,900 lbs. on a brake dyno and still did not fail. That is the weight of more than 6 complete F-Body automobiles on one bracket. Most competing brackets are .375″ thick (some are even thinner), whereas our bracket is .600″ thick. Each bracket weighs only two pounds.


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