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93-02 Firebird/Trans Am Headlight Metal Replacement Gear Kit


Model Number: HLGear
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Yep, you read that right… finally, a metal gear replacement for your 4th Generation Firebird or Trans Am! This is a permanent solution to an ongoing problem with these headlights.

As we all know the stock GM nylon gears have been known to strip. Very poorly design by GM. There are no limit switches or anything “fancy” which stops the headlight motor when it goes up or down. There is simply the control module which senses a high amp/current draw and THEN shuts down juice going to the motor. So, each time you turn on/off your lights, the motor, for a split second, tries to continue to raise/lower the headlight even though it physically can’t. This puts a lot of stress on the nylon gear and, since the same area of the gear always gets the stress, it often times doesn’t take long for these to fail. And, when the nylon gear fails, it costs big $$$ to have it fixed. This is a metal gear with no moving parts, therefore there is no warranty. Follow instructions clearly.

These metal gears replace those poorly designed nylon gears and expect these to last a long time.

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Kit includes Metal Gear, Adhesive, applicator, and detailed instructions.

Weight 1 oz


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