93-02 Fbody Prothane Polyurethane Bump Stops (Pair)


Model Number: 1-1301-BL

Manufacturer Overview:

Prothane’s specially formulated, multi-mount, progressive rate bump stops prevent damage when a suspension bottoms out. Add the energy absorption capabilities of polyurethane to the unique progressive chambers molded into the stops, and you’ve got progressive compression-rate bump stops. Their multi-mount feature ensures quick, easy retrofitting, as one of the mounting systems will be ideal for your particular application. Using a unique polylock system, the polyurethane portion and mounting bracket are integrated into one rugged, versatile component.

These bump stops require minor modification. See customer review below:

“These bump stops are less than half the price of the “GM OEM” bump stops and work great. To install in a 2002 Camaro you will need to cut/grind down the lip on bump stop mount location in the inner fender well. When you remove the old bump stop you will see the lip, it is about 2″ long and protrudes down about 1/4″ from the mount plate. You cut the lip off, the size and offset of the new bump stop fits perfectly onto the flat mounting point. Cut mine with a reciprocating saw, took less than a minute to cut, install was two screws and done. Great fitment!!!”


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